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Masterpiece Megatron MP-05 (MP-5)

NSW        VIC        QLD        SA        WA        TAS        ACT        NT

Queensland, Australia

Masterpiece Megatron has been made illegal in Queensland, Australia, along with other toys based on modern guns, being guns classified as from 1945 or newer. At present there is no process available for legal importation or ownership.

We have contacted the Minister for Police and Corrective Services, the Hon Judy Spence, and asked her to review the matter and adopt the NSW model or something like it. Check back for updates!

Letter from the Hon Judy Spence, Minister for Police and Corrective Services, dated 24 July 2008

- This letter provides us with some hope: the laws are being changed and our submissions have been considered.

Letter from Minister for Police and Corrective Services dated 23 May 2008

Letter to Hon Judy Spence dated 22 April 2008

Please e-mail us any updating information you have.

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