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Masterpiece Megatron MP-05 (MP-5)

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New South Wales, Australia

For residents of New South Wales, Australia, follow this simple checklist to get your Megatron MP-05. For other States and Territories, please contact your Firearms Registry or Police Ministry. If you need any help with them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

       Join the Megatron Club Inc. Download your application form here.

       Complete Firearms Permit Form P634

o       Download P634 Application.

o       Read the fact sheet here.

       Provide evidence that you are a current member of a weapon collectors’ club. You will receive this  letter in your membership pack which we will send you after you apply.

       Provide a statement demonstrating that your collection has a genuine commemorative, historical, thematic or financial value and that Megatron is required as part of that collection. Download a pro-forma statement here.

       Provide a description of your safe storage arrangements detailing how Megatron will be stored to prevent unauthorised access.  

o       Fact Sheet for safe storage requirements.

o       Pro-forma description for you to complete.

       Send your completed documents to: 

NSW Police Force Firearms Registry
Locked Bag 1
Murwillumbah NSW 2484


       If approved, you will receive your permit. The Firearms Registry should then send a copy of the B709A permit to Customs directly, and you will receive the original in the mail.

□  You then need to go to arrange a time to go to Customs to pick up your item. You should receive a letter in the mail about this. The address of the Customs Store is:

        Unit 1/198-222 Young Street, WATERLOO  NSW

       Once there, provide them with the original B709A Permit, sign a release form and he is all yours!

□  If you have any trouble, contact the Firearms Registry as follows:

        Permits Officer
        NSW Firearms Registry
        PH:   1300 362 562
        FAX: 02 66 709813

□  You can also contact Customs as follows:

        Customs Information and Support Centre
        Ph: 1300 363 263 

JUSTITOYS MP05 Accessory Kit: There has been no problem importing this item into NSW. We cannot confirm whether it is legal to own this accessory kit in NSW.


8 October 2007

NSW Firearms Registry releases information for collectors.

Letter from the Firearms Registry - click here.

Note the fee exemption for the permit. This saves us $127.00!

Supplementary Instructions for collectors - click here.

P638 form - click here.

Safe storage requirements - click here.

In summary, the safe storage requirements are as follows:


This should not be too much for collectors, being a secure room with a grille on the window. I was doing this anyway as a security measure for my collection. However, you are prohibited from displaying Megatron outside that room.

Update on collectors' club

The club is near completion! I have almost finished the rules of association and will be posting details on how to join shortly. I will then be able to supply the necessary confirmation to the Firearms Registry that you are a member of the collectors' club.

Please stay tuned for detailed instructions on what to do including a simple checklist.


Announcement on 25 September 2007 by NSW Police Minister David Campbell. Click here

I am setting up a collector's club which will be open for collectors to join, and thereby fulfil one of the requirements for owning Masterpiece Megatron. To quote the Minister, the requirements are as follows:

·         Undergoing a criminal and probity check;

·         Providing a genuine reason for ownership of the toy;

·         Providing proof of membership to a collector’s club; and

·         Abiding by safe storage, surrender and disposal requirements.

The criminal and probity check is a Firearms Registry requirement, and usually done by local police.

A genuine reason for ownership of the toy is that a person is a collector of Transformers.

Proof of membership of a collector's club will be part of what I will provide in the club.

Safe storage includes a locked cabinet. I recommend the following:

Display and Rack Systems

I will update this site as the club progresses with more details on how to join.

Thanks for your support!


I had a meeting at the NSW Police Ministry on 12 September 2007. Here is my report:

Legal Importation and Possession of Masterpiece Megatron MP-05

Here are the letters I have sent off on 17/05/2007:

1. Philip Ruddock (Attorney-General)

2. Ken Moroney (NSW Police Commissioner)

3. David Johnston (Minister for Customs)

Here are the replies:

1. Reply from Attorney-General 7 June 2007

2. Reply from NSW Police Firearms Registry 5 June 2007

3. Reply from Senator David Johnston 15 June 2007

I have since written to Mr David Campbell, Minister for Police (NSW):

Letter to David Campbell

I was served with the application for my Court appearance on 6 August 2007:

Letter and Application

Petition - e-mail me to join the petition in support of releasing Megatron!




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